65 Home Remedies for Every Day Ailments

65 Home Remedies for Every Day Ailments | Food Your Body Will Thank You For

65 Home Remedies for

Every Day Ailments

Just 2 days into winter and already I’m finding home remedies are increasingly important for my family’s well-being. As I write this, I have a batch of elderberry syrup simmering and bone broth bubbling softly in the crock pot.

I’m excited to share so many wonderful tips and recipes from amazing fellow blogger buddies. Here are 65 ways to save money and support your health with holistic remedies.Happy reading and have fun cooking and creating!

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2016 <3

65 Home Remedies for Every Day Ailments | Food Your Body Will Thank You For

General Immune Support

Elderberry Immune Support

Seasonal Allergies


Digestive Support

Stomach Flu

Cough, Cold, & Flu, Oh My!

Ear Infections


Looking for more ways to embrace wellness and support health goals for 2016?

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Top 10 Ways Newbies Can Use Essential Oils | Food Your Body Will Thank You For

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