The Top 10 Things Every Oil User Needs

Top 10 Things Every Oil User Needs | Food Your Body Will Thank You For

 Beginning my Oily Adventure

I became a newbie oil user during the winter of 2014. I was introduced to oils through Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit. I purchased it (at 50% off for signing up as a wholesale member!) and the day I received my kit I was HOOKED!

50% Off Diffuser & Essential Oils Set | Food Your Body Will Thank You ForI began diffusing like a crazy person! A little purification in the classroom at the end of the day (my classroom has no windows!); peppermint in the morning to help me wake up; lemon and orange in the kitchen after cooking shrimp; lavender just before bed. I was having so much fun creating aromatic combinations with the 11 oils that came in the kit—I didn’t even notice I was making a HUGE rookie mistake!!

A diffuser is just the beginning…

After ordering this book, I realized I was limiting myself and my oils. Some oils are idea for diffusing/inhalation, other shine with topical use. THAT’S when I realized there was a big wide world of aromatherapy tools just waiting to be utilized.

The Top 10 Things Every Oil User Should Have

Now we’re down to the nitty gritty. Here are the top 10 things I have used this past year. For your benefit, I’ve included the methods in which I’ve used the items (T=Topical Use   I=Inhalation).

1. Roller balls (T/I)

Most often, applying your blend to pulse points (perfumes, general relaxation) works well. But for other needs (i.e., occasional muscle soreness) you would use the roller ball bottle to apply to a specific area. Roller ball bottles will allow you to make a single blend and use it over a period of time.

The Young Living roller balls are my favorite, because they have such smooth gliding action (price for wholesale members is less than $10!). However, if you need additional bottles, these are my favorites! Best of all, they are available in different colors!

Top 10 Things Every Oil User Needs | Food Your Body Will Thank You For

2. Inhaler tubes (I)

Whether you are enjoying a favorite scent, or supporting a particular body function (lung, nasal, head, etc.), not everyone will have the same response. For times you are in close quarters (i.e., a classroom, on an airplane or train) or around young children, personal inhalation is an effective AND considerate choice.

Top 10 Things Every Oil User Needs | Food Your Body Will Thank You For

3. Carrier oils (T)

Carrier oils are means of diluting oils and making items like moisturizers and massage oils.  Different carrier oils may lend different therapeutic or application properties (more more information, I recommend the book “The Complete Handbook on Aromatherapy and Wellness for Everyday Use“). I always have jojoba, sweet almond, and fractionated coconut oil on hand!

Top 10 Things Every Oil User Needs | Food Your Body Will Thank You For

4. Mixing agents (T/I)

Oil and water don’t mix! Instead use more acidic agents so your oils disperse well in your DIY products: witch hazelapple cider vinegar, or neutral spirits (i.e. organic vodka).

5. DIY Containers

Once you purchase oils, using them in homemade products is SO easy! The primary obstacle is matching the product to the right cotainer. Spray bottles (I), lip balm containers (T), body balms/butters tins, (T), pump-style glass bottles, and deodorants containers (T) are wonderful ways to store, use, and gift your essential oil DIY products.

DIY Linen & Room Sprays | Food Your Body Will Thank You For-16


6. Emollients (lotions, butters) (T)

Sometimes you want a product with a more staying power—creams and lotions are a little more heavy duty than massage oils in that they may leave a soothing layer on the skin longer than a carrier oil-based product. Tallow, coconut oil, and shea butter are my favorite emollients!

Top 10 Things Every Oil User Needs | Food Your Body Will Thank You For

7. Epsom salt (T/I)

I love using Epsom salts in baths and as a dissolving agent for linen  and room sprays. Relaxing in a soothing bath is a great way to treat your body right. Depending on the oils you choose, you can unwind, calm, or energize yourself. Epsom salts are definitely a must have item!

8. Cotton balls (T/I)

Cotton balls make the perfect application for toners and provide another method for inhalation. My chiropractor’s favorite method is to apply a drop or two to a cotton ball and stick it in his (and his children’s) shirt. It avoids topical contact, but longer staying aromatic benefits than an air spray. They are also great to have on hand for quick clean-up!

9. Diffusers (I)

Top 10 Things Every Oil User Needs | Food Your Body Will Thank You ForTop 10 Things Every Oil User Needs | Food Your Body Will Thank You For







While a diffuser comes in Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit (the diffuser is practically free after your wholesale discount!), you will realize you need more diffusers: for the bathroom, the kitchen, bedrooms, your office, and perhaps even to lend to others. This is definitely a MUST HAVE item. Above are a few models I own and love!

10. Oil storage

Many people begin their oil journey with the box their oils arrived in. Soon after, they’ve over taken a medicine cabinet in the restroom…then the oils begin spilling  onto the counters and various other regions of the house. Oil storage is critical because oxidation can occur if some oils are exposed to heat (i.e. a sunny window, near the stove). Above all, oils are POWERFUL substances. They should be treated with caution around children and stored out of their reach. Here are a few options to consider.

Top 10 Things Every Oil User Needs | Food Your Body Will Thank You For Top 10 Things Every Oil User Needs | Food Your Body Will Thank You For

If you are new to the world of oils, I highly recommend my post “Using Essential Oils” and “Top 10 Ways a Newbie Can Use Essential Oils.

Top 10 Ways Newbies Can Use Essential Oils | Food Your Body Will Thank You ForYoung Living oils are high-quality, pesticide-free oils, and have been an amazing addition to my family’s daily repertoire.

And be sure to peruse my EO recipes and monthly promotions!

Using Essential Oils | Food Your Body Will Thank You For
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