Immune System Supporting Elderberry & Kombucha Gummies (gluten & dairy-free)

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My son has a handful of food sensitivities, so packaged snacks are rare in our house for two reasons: 1) It’s difficult to find convenience items I feel comfortable feeding him (gluten free, no MSG, non-GMO, no oxidized PUFAs, etc.) and 2) the items that DO meet my standards are often expensive! So what’s a parent to do? That’s right—make it at home!

Since my husband is a teacher, he brings home a lot of germs. It’s nothing to freak out over (or so I try to tell myself), but it’s my job to keep my family nourished and healthy. Elderberry syrup supports healthy immune function and I use it as a preventative measure, and treatment when illness strikes. According to this book, kombucha aids optimal liver function, provides probiotics that strengthen our gut, and optimizes nutrient absorption. Gelatin combats inflammation and promotes a healthy gut, and aid the body in detoxification, all of which ultimately supports immune function.

But…knowing how awesome all of those things are for you and actually getting them INTO your family members are two different things. My son is in love with kombucha, elderberry syrup, AND Legos. But bone broth? Mmm…not so much. In fact, the ONLY way I can get him to eat it is making my Twice Cooked Bone Broth Soup or my Heavenly Rice with Cauliflower. The down side of those fabulous dishes is that they take TIME, a commodity I don’t often have while taking care of a 5-month old, preparing a 5-year-old for kindergarten, trying to keep up with the dismal state of laundry and dishes, and the daily attempt to find 2 minutes to be alone and breathe.

So I created this recipe, a shortcut version of an expensive store bought treat. That’s right—saving time AND money. Bonus? It has TOTAL kid-appeal with the use of the sweet silicone molds.

Enjoy! <3

Note: This recipe calls for room temperature liquids so none of the valuable properties of raw honey or probiotic power of the kombucha are lost.

Immune System Supporting Elderberry & Kombucha Gummies (Gluten & dairy-free)

You’ll need:

  • 4 oz. room temperature elderbberry syrup (here’s my recipe)
  • 4 temperature  kombucha (I used THIS one)
  • 4-1/2 tablespoons gelatin (grass-fed is key here! I use THIS one)
  • scant 1/4 cup raw honey (like THIS one)



  1. Pour elderberry syrup and kombucha in a glass bowl and cover. If still cold, allow to sit until room temperature.
  2. Add honey and whisk until honey is dispersed.
  3. Add gelatin and whisk vigorously for 1-2 minutes. until all chunks that have dissolved. QUICKLY move to step 4 because gelatin will begin to thicken almost immediately.
  4. Pour into molds and place in the refrigerator
  5. Allow to set for 4 hours, or until firm.

Immune System Supporting Elderberry & Kombucha Gummies (Gluten & dairy-free) | Food Your Body Will Thank You For

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