4 Must Have Pregnancy Essentials

4 MUST HAVE PREGNANCY ESSENTIALS | Food Your Body Will Thank You For

As you look forward to your new bundle of joy, don’t forget to pamper the body that is building this new precious life. I hope these suggestions help soothe your body and make the journey of pregnancy a more enjoyable one. <3

4 Must-Haves for Pregnancy | Food Your Body Will Thank You For

Fiddlebump’s Belly Butter—My first pregnancy was a stretch mark nightmare! I had it all–itchy skin, angry red stretch marks, and a general discomfort for the last 6 months of my pregnancy. My mom said, “I had them, and so I’m not surprised you do, too.”

However, I’ve learned a lot since my first child was born and there are a few things I have done differently to prepare my body for pregnancy #2. The inclusion of healthy fat (pastured/organic whole fat dairy,  coconut oil, and lard) and gelatin in my diet and the use of Fiddlebump’s shea butter-based mama goodness, “Belly Butter.” Beginning at 4 months, I used this every afternoon and every evening. I have had absolutely NO itchiness and it’s only as I enter my 8th month of pregnancy that I’m beginning to notice one or two tiny new stretch marks (but they are in areas I was NOT applying the balm—an easy fix!). Get this for your mama-to-be and you are sure to score MAJOR points!

4 Must-Haves for Pregnancy | Food Your Body Will Thank You ForVintage Tradition Tallow Balm—I have always been a fan of Vintage Tradition—it’s wonderful product. It helped me soothe my son’s skin-irritations from a suspected wheat sensitivity as we transitioned into a gluten-free and traditional food diet and. As a pregnant teacher, hand-washing is a huge part of staying healthy. Unfortunately, the cold water wreaks havoc on my skin. The thick emollient nature of this pastured tallow balm (which uses my favorite brand of essential oils!) protects my hands from getting chapped and painfully cracked. I also use it before bed on my face the aroma of the “Pretty Girly Scent” is so calming and prepares my mind for sleep—something that becomes increasingly more difficult to get as the baby grows and my bladder seems to shrink!

4 Must-Haves for Pregnancy | Food Your Body Will Thank You For Contour Pillow—Two pregnancies, two pillows. The first was by Today’s Mom and I think it was better (but slightly more expensive) than the one I currently own by Leachco. Today’s Mom had limited contouring which provided fullbodied support for a variety of body/belly types.. I give the Leachco pillow a “B” for support, but the contouring made it less supportive for my body shape and not as flexible for different height/body types. Lavender oil is a great accompaniment to my pillow each night, and it soothes my pregnancy-addled brain!

Read more about my favorite brand HERE.


4 Must-Haves for Pregnancy | Food Your Body Will Thank You For

Maternity Belt

I love my Gabriella maternity belt! I got it when I was 5-months pregnant and began wearing it daily just before I started my third-trimester. When I wear it, my mobility  and gait improves—I no longer feel as if I’m wearing a low-lying bowling ball! And, unlike my belt-less first pregnancy, I haven’t had any lower back pain. That could also be attributed to my attempt to increase core function (check out this workout program I love to get you back on track after the baby is born!), and regular maintenance with chiropractic care, but the support I feel when I put the belt on is amazing! I use it for around-the house chores, at work, and during my evening walks. My favorite part is the tightening capacity of the external adjustors—it grows with you. I was right on the border between two sizes, so I took the advice of the manufacturer’s page and ordered one size up.

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