So You’ve Decided To Give Up Coffee…

So You've Decided to Give Up Coffee...Food Your Body Will Thank You

While I still indulge in my half-caf cup on the weekends, I recently decided to give up coffee during the week for several reasons:

  • The sustainable/organic coffee I buy is $10-$15/lb—SIGNIFICANTLY higher than any pastured meat products I buy! And, to make matters worse, I was choking it down in 10 hurried minutes as I rushed to get my family ready to leave the house. This was bad for my digestion and hurt my pocketbook!
  • I am very sensitive to caffeine, hence my half-caf preference. If I drink coffee in the afternoon, it messes with my sleep schedule and I find myself staring at the ceiling  at 11 p.m. I am curious to see how I do without the constant influx of caffeine in my system
  • Magnesium depletion! According to magnesium expert Dr. Carolyn Dean, things like coffee, wine, and soy deplete our magnesium reserves. Magnesium is an amazingly vital mineral that helps us perform important biological functions. However, coffee is not to be feared if it is balanced with magnesium-rich foods and/or magnesium oil. The reason I gave coffee up on a daily basis is because I enjoy my glass of organic red wine in the evenings. I felt I would be doing my body a favor by minimizing the amount of magnesium-depleting substances I consumed.

Here are some tips to help you feel better if you decide to go coffee-free.

     First, I hope you didn’t decide to do this on a Monday (I did…BAD idea)!

     Second, DON’T beat yourself up if you “cheat” and have a cup a few times while you get the hang of your new routine.

     Third, make sure you have these 5 things on hand when you decide to take a hiatus from your coffee:

  1. Apple cider vinegar—Pour an ACV shot into cold water and drink. Your eyes will POP open instantly!
  2. Your favorite tea—The comfort of a hot beverage is one of the biggest appeals of that morning cup of coffee. If you switch to tea, it may ease the transition.
  3. Raw honey or organic grade B. maple syrup—I enjoy my coffee with raw milk and a natural sweetener, so when I dress up my tea in the same fashion, it becomes even more of a treat!
  4. Peppermint essential oil—This will be VERY important! I’ve had great success with staving off cranial muscle tension with peppermint and hopefully it can help you as well. Another benefit to this oil is it’s naturally uplifting aroma—just smelling it can inspire feelings of alertness. Here is more information on my favorite brand of essential oils.
  5. Your favorite CD of moderately upbeat music—To improve your mood, but stay away from any pounding beats in case you get a headache.

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