Vintage Tradition Sale (Ends 3/15)!

VTSaleThe good folks over at Vintage Tradition KNOW I love their products! How could I not love the simple ingredients—pastured tallow, organic olive oil, and essential oils?! And this was the first product that actually worked to soothe my son’s eczema. Beyond that,  its tantalizing aromas (thanks to Young Living’s Essential Oils!) are calming and absolutely intoxicating. Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm is part of my family’s bedtime ritual—so much so, that I always make sure I order a new jar when I hit the halfway mark, so we’ll NEVER be without it!

My “Bomb Balm” giveaway last month was a real eye-opener—EVERYONE seems to have a reason to want this product. Whether it’s a skin condition, winter dryness, or looking for a way to soothe yourself before bed (the lavender scent of their “Pretty Girly” balm is perfect for that!), everyone had a compelling reason for entering the giveaway.

The company’s owners were amazed at the number of entries and I was overwhelmed by the personal stories being shared on the blog post. In the end, even though only one person could win, I knew any discount would be helpful for all my foodie friends! When Vintage Tradition approached me about offering a discount, I was like, “Yes please!”

Click HERE to get the Food Your Body Will Thank You For discount!Vintage Traditions-Food Your Body Will Thank You For

Please check out the original post—the before and after images of my student are unbelieveable. Especially when you take into account the transformation happened in LESS THAN A WEEK!

Click HERE to get the Food Your Body Will Thank You For discount! Offer Ends March 15th!

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10% Vintage Tradition-Food Yopur Body Will Thank You For



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