Homemade Lip Balm {3 Flavors}—If I Can Make it, So Can You!!!

Essential Oils & Homeade Lip Balm| Food Your Body Will Thank You For

Each lip balm I’ve purchased over the last few years has retailed for $2.50-$4. I buy organic food, so of course I try to buy balm that is as clean as possible. Unfortunately, the cost can add up! Lip balm is something you need multiples of—in your purse, glove compartment, desk at work, etc. And they get lost easily or washed accidently! I was getting tired of throwing money away so I decided to look into making my own.

I will be honest….I felt like slamming my head on the kitchen table when I realized I’d been paying WAY too much for this very necessary product! It is so easy to make (with a few specific tools), there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it. Essential oils are great ways to add natural flavors to your balm to make them extra pleasing to use. I’ve been using Young Living essential oils for a few months now and I am loving the versatility and non-toxic option these essential oils offer!

Once you start with balm, it’s just a matter of creating different flavor combinations! Besides the essential oils, the secret ingredients are the high quality fat-bases (Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil and Pastured Bacon fat from US Wellness‘ Sugar-Free Pastured Pork Bacon).

Enjoy! <3

Homemade Lip Balm (each recipe makes 13-15 balms)

Homemade Lip Balm-Food Your Body Will Thank You For

Bangin’ Bacon


Homemade Lip Balm-Food Your Body Will Thank You For

Mint Madness


Essential Oils & Homeade Lip Balm| Food Your Body Will Thank You For

*Lemony  Goodness

*Lemon oil can cause photosensitivity—you should AVOID sunlight for at least 1 hour after using. this is the PERFECT balm to leave in your desk at work so you’ll never be without a lip moisturizer.


Directions for 3 simultaneous batches (feel free to try one at a time if you’re nervous!)

  1. Place the the oil/bacon fat  into separate Pyrex containers. Add the beeswax (pay attention to the amounts–different for coconut oil and bacon fat bases!).
  2. Put containers onto cookie sheet and place in to preheated oven (250 degrees.)
  3. Check in 10 minutes, give a stir (2 separate spoons if you are making coconut oil and bacon fat).
  4. Heat until oil/beeswax until fully melted.
  5. Remove from oven and place on stovetop. Add essential oils. Give a final stir (use 1 spoon PER FLAVOR).
  6. IMMEDIATELY, using a syringe, place mixture in empty lip balm containers.
  7. Allow to cool to room temperature.
  8. I place my balm in the fridge overnight and then use/give as gifts as needed.

Want to learn more? Join me HERE in my FB essential oil group, as I navigate, research, and share essential oil recipes! We talk everything essential oils in there and it’s a great place to learn and ask questions! To request access, click HERE!

If you are interested in ordering or finding out more information on my preferred brand, Young Living, click HERE.

Essential Oils | Food Your Body Will Thank You For


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  3. Dawn Meyer

    I LOVE the bacon balm receipt EXCEPT I’m a vegetarian so there is no bacon in this house. My adult son on the other hand lives for bacon – he would absolutely LOVE it.

    • elizabeth

      Thanks for your open-mindedness, especially since it goes against your dietary choices–it really is an awesome balm! It doesn’t taste like bacon with the Theives oil in there, but there is something fantastic about it. It’s one of my favorites!! :-)

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  9. Kelley

    I have read that you shouldn’t use plastic when dealing with essential oils as they can degrade and release toxins. For these particular oils, were your syringes ok, or are they glass? (they look plastic which is why I’m asking)


    • elizabeth

      Great question! The length of time they are in the syringes is minimal! I have since switched to using 8 oz. Pyrex measuring cups because of the pouring spout–need to make a note on this recipe. It was my FIRST EO DIY attempt and I didn’t have a lot of equipment on hand.I hope you try it out though–great results! <3

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  11. virtual voyage

    great invention of lip balm

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