Who needs conditioner?

Who Needs Conditioner? by Food Your Body Will Thank You For

Have you ever looked at the back of your shampoo and conditioner bottles? The ingredients are downright scary! Especially the chemical cocamide diethanolamine (cocamide DEA), which is used as a foaming agent, but was listed by California as a known carcinogen in 2012 (1). Ay yi yi!

I tried forgoing on shampoo…but the result was dingy looking hair. I tried “healthy” shampoo with a brief list of pronounceable ingredients…but the result was thick waxy hair that took FOREVER to dry—a definite no-no for a teacher, parent, blogger always on the go! I was at my wits end and ready to give up. To o be completely honest, I was VERY close to going back to commercial conditioner, just so I could have my hair back! Even though I knew the health risks, I was fed up with lackluster results and didn’t know what to do. Little did I know there was light at the end of the tunnel—in the form of dry, itchy scalp!

Say What?

Yup. itchy scalp and white flakes saved my body from getting hit with a toxic onslaught. My itchy scalp was becoming uncomfortable this November so I decided to research some DIY remedies. One that came up was simple: ACV applied to the scalp. YAY! Easy enough.

Unfortunately, my son cried and HATED the smell of the vinegar. He’d shout, “What’s that yucky smell?” or “I HATE that yucky  smell!!” He ran away and refused to even talk to me after I’d done an ACV treatment. The smell was made stronger when I blow dried my hair. Even my husband, as much as he appreciated my relief from the itching, was put off by the strong cider-y aroma.

It wasn’t until I became a distributor for Young Living, and received 11 essential oils in my starter kit, that my luck took a turn for the better. I added a few drops of lavender essential oil and the result was luxuriously soft hair I couldn’t STOP smelling! It was was SO aromatic!

As a result of using essential oils, I haven’t used conditioner in MONTHS! I use this rinse when I wash my hair (typically every other day to prevent my hair from getting too dry, especially in winter).

Lavender & Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

You’ll Need

  • 2 oz. of vinegar (I use this one)
  • 7-10 drops of your favorite essential oil (I love using lavender because it is very soothing and relaxing. Click HERE to read more about my favorite brand of essential oils)


(In the shower)

  • I have shoulder length, straight hair and I use about 1 oz. at a time.
  • You can use a small spray bottle or just pour gently over your hair. I
  • divide the pour into 3 sections: scalp, end, THEN mid-section.
  • When I pour over the ends, I tilt my head slightly forward and squeeze the excess into the mid section of my hair, so as not to waste a precious drop of my essential oil mixture!
  • Rinse out

Be careful of the solution dripping into your eyes and wash your hands well before touching your eyes–ouch! I comb it out with a wide tooth comb and blow dry on medium/cool air. I love how fast my hair dries and it always feels silky soft!

I’ve also used Peace & Calm essential oil with great success. Make sure you shake the bottle well prior to each use.

I personally love Young Living  oils (read more about why I chose this company HERE).

And if you haven’t joined my private essential oil Facebook group, get access HERE, so you can receive tips and updates!

Mother's Day Essential Oil Special | Food Your Body Will Thank You For

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13 comments on “Who needs conditioner?”

  1. Kaci

    so you don’t rinse your hair after you let it sit?

    • elizabeth

      I amended it. Sorry it was unclear! I think because I was thinking “conditioner,” I mistakenly thought I had mentioned the shower element. Hope it works for you! :-)

  2. Jen

    So, what do you use for shampoo?

    • elizabeth

      Right now I get the Whole Food’s brand (the kind they sell in bulk.) I get the kind for dry/normal hair (lavender). My next project is making my own shampoo. :-)

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  8. sara

    Try reetha (soap nuts), amla, sikakai. Combined they work perfect as a shampoo. You’ll be able to find those in an Indian store.

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