Sweet Butter Tea

Sweet Butter Tea-Food Your Body Will Thank You ForAs a child, I was seriously addicted to Cream of Wheat. I absolutely loved this boxed porridge!

My favorite part of this breakfast was the topping ritual! My grandma would place a thick pat of butter in the center of the steaming bowl and I would watch it melt. Then she would drizzle milk in a spiral design, and I’d watch it merge with the delicious melted butter, before I sprinkled sugar and cinnamon over the top. The first bite was always PURE heaven!

So what does this have to do with tea? Well, I stayed home from work last week, getting over a cold. I didn’t have much energy but I needed something that was nourishing and would boost my immune system’s response. I scanned the kitchen and my eyes landed on the butter dish…hmmm.

“People are raving over butter in coffee,” I thought to myself. “Why not butter as tea?”

I vaguely remembered a reference to Tibetan butter tea from a movie I’d seen years ago, so I decided to take my ginger tea and add butter and cinnamon. It was…UNBELIEVABLE! The moment I tasted it, I had this instant, full-sensory flashback of my 6-year-old self eating Cream-of-Wheat at my grandma’s kitchen table before school.

It also helped me feel better! When you have the combined efforts of nourishing, healthy fat in butter and the antibacterial/antiviral properties of the remaining ingredients, it’s a slam dunk!

Enjoy <3

Sweet Butter Tea

You’ll Need:


Heat your water (I use this)

Add the butter, cinnamon, and ginger to the water and stir well. Allow to cool slightly for (3- 5 minutes) before adding if using raw honey (*the antibacterial/viral properties of honey are reduced if exposed to high heat). Taste, and adjust ingredients to your liking.


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