Breakfast Sausage Spice Mix

Breafkfast Spice Mix-Food Your Body Will Thank You For

Sausage. Sausage patties. Country sausage and gravy. Sausage pizza. Bangers and mash. Bratwurst and kraut. I think you get the idea! Sausage and I are close foodie friends. :-)

Sausage is one of the first foods I remember ordering at a restaurant, a rare treat in itself since I was the child of a single parent and money was always tight! My mom rarely cooked, so the only times I was able to enjoy it was at a restaurant. Sausage is linked in my memories to outings with family, good, food, and special occasions—no wonder I love it so much!

Now that I know a little more about the industrial food system, I very rarely eat commercial meat. If given the opportunity, I would rather support local ranchers and small scale farms where the animals are eating a pasture-based diet that sustains their health and our own.

So even though my family doesn’t go out to eat too often, I cook daily. This recipe was one of the ways I ensure my son equates good food with family and deliciousness, much as I did when I was his age.  <3

Breakfast Sausage Spice Mix

For 1-pound of pastured pork, you’ll need:


  1. I prefer to use cooking gloves to work the spice mix into the ground pork.
  2. Let the meat sit at least 10 more minutes before cooking.

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Enjoy <3

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