Harvest Your Health AMAZING Bundle Ends Monday…DON’T MISS YOUR CHANCE!

HArvest Your Health $885 value for only $39!

I’m cheap. I’m a foodie. And I’m trying to help my family achieve the health we ALL deserve.

I was actually introduced to the concept of an e-bundle last year, when I bought the “Toadally Primal Wellness” bundle. It opened my eyes to the amazing value of bulk e-book buying :-)

When I found out about this bundle, I became an affiliate right away because I know first-hand the value of a wealth of great health information and tasty recipes that were going to be included. I couldn’t wait to share it with my fellow foodies…and 95% off? Icing on the (gluten-free) cake!

The e-books span SO many wonderful CATEGORIES, including:

  • Cooking and Preparing Paleo Food
  • Personal Home Care
  • Fertility & Motherhood
  • Cooking and Preparing Real Food
  • Simple Living
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition Information
  • Detoxification

The book I’ve used the most so far is “The Grain-Free Lunch Box.” As a full-time teacher and mom, in a family full of gluten intolerances, having access to more than 30 recipes, planning, budget, organization, AND nutrition information from a fellow mom has been wonderful! And the grain-free french toast recipe I discovered was awesome!!!


But that’s just the tip of the iceberg on ONE e-book out of 52!!!

As I said earlier, I’m a cheap foodie. I buy most of my meat in bulk, because it gets me a better price. I buy spices and flours in bulk from my Whole Foods (there isn’t a co-op in my area) for the same reason: cost-effectiveness. An e-book bundle? It’s just a smart idea! 3 books for their retail cost of $40? Or…

  • 52 ebooks
  • 23 discounts
  • 5 meal plans
  • 3 ONLINE magazine subscriptions
  • 1 month to an ONLINE fitness plan (1 month for 1 penny)
  • 1 private kitchen community membership

All for just $39!

So individual vs. bundle? I’ll let you decide. <3

Buy the bundle HERE

Read more about each title offered HERE


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